PaxVax to Present at the 21st Annual BioCentury Future Leaders in the Biotech Industry Conference

MENLO PARK and SAN DIEGO – MARCH 25, 2014 – PaxVax Inc., a specialty vaccine company focused on travelers and biodefense markets with a social mission to ensure global access to its vaccines, today announced that Kenneth Kelley, Chief Executive Officer of PaxVax, will present at the BioCentury Future Leaders in the Biotech Industry Conference in New York. Mr. Kelley’s presentation is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. EDT on Friday, March 28th in Presentation Room 402/403 at the Millennium Broadway Hotel & Conference Center.


Cholera: Haiti 

  • 2010-12 - First outbreak in more than a century
  • More than 580,000+ sickened / 7,500+ dead

Anthrax: New York City

  • Sept. 2001 - FBI stated worst biological attack in U.S. history
  • 5 deaths / 17 sickened

H5N1: Indonesia

  • More than half of H5N1 worldwide deaths occur in Indonesia
  • 60% of Bird Flu (H5N1) cases since 2003 have resulted in death

HIV: Swaziland

  • 230,000 living with HIV in Swaziland, 26% of adults have HIV
  • Worldwide: 60M+ infected / 30M dead

Dengue: Rio de Janeiro

  • Rio de Janeiro reports a dengue epidemic: 50,000+ cases in the city
  • Leading cause of fever among travelers & tourists 

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