PaxVax is an innovative and fast-paced vaccine start-up company developing vaccine candidates against several important infectious diseases, including influenza, cholera and HIV. Our cholera vaccine has successfully completed early clinical development and has entered late stage trials. Additionally, our first candidate based on oral adenovirus technology, a H5N1 vaccine recently completed a successful Phase 1 clinical trial. The R&D team has made several other vaccine candidate adenoviruses with a 100% success rate in making adenovirus-based vectors. PaxVax has also recently initiated two additional clinical trials on our candidates. The Company has raised and commited funding of over $80 million to support its operation including R&D and our own licensed GMP manufacturing facility. PaxVax has 60 employees organized by functional departments and cross-functional project teams for each of our vaccine candidates. PaxVax is a double bottom line business focused on delivering both financial as well as social returns in global health.

PaxVax offers competitive compensation along with a generous benefits package that includes fully covered employee medical and dental benefits, 401k, life insurance, Short Term Disability (STD) & LTD coverage.

Please find our available positions below. Please submit your cover letter and resume to with the position title in the subject line.

Quality Control Senior Research Associate - HPLC

The Quality Control Senior Research Associate will work specifically with High-performance liquid chromatography. This position will primarily focus on conducting HPLC analysis of materials and processes required for the formulation, release, and stability of API and finished drug product within standard operating procedures following GLP and GMP guidelines as well as the optimization, qualification and validation of the HPLC assays.  In addition, this position may perform routine QC assays such as Karl Fischer, Disintegration, and gel electrophoresis.

Quality Control Analyst - EM

The Quality Control Analyst will perform multi-facility routine and investigational environmental monitoring of classified manufacturing and support areas, as well as operations personnel monitoring programs to support the GMP manufacturing along with microbiological testing for process validation.  In addition, candidate may perform routine QC assays such as Karl Fischer, Disintegration, and gel electrophoresis.